Matt 24

India message 5-31-23

6/1/20235 min read

Hello brothers and sisters

I'm glad to see you. Like pastor said, my family is from America. As a family, we run a ministry that's focused on preparing for the last days and supplying the needs of God people until then.

Jesus says that's unless his people are waiting and watching for his coming, his return will take them by surprise. At home, people are not expecting Jesus to come back soon. They may say we are in the last days but live as if things will continue as they have all their lives.

One of the jobs my son and I spend time doing is being watchmen of our times. We don't want to be taken by surprise. We don't want you to be taken by surprise.

. Pastor Joy, binoy and vinod are probably tired of hearing me say the same thing, but this is our ministry. I've come to tell you brothers and sisters, now is the time to make sure you and your people are ready to see the lord

I praise God with you that you have a new government that is not activity persecuting you for believing in Jesus. You have a little more freedom to preach and live out your faith for another 5 years.

As pastors, in sure you know alot of biblical prophecies that have come to pass in these last days.

You know the dry bones prophecy in Ezekiel where God says after Israel is scattered again, it's people will be gathered from every corner of the earth and become a country again in a single day. How it will become an exceedingly great army defeating the combined armies of all the countries surrounding them.

These were fulfilled after ww2 when Israel became a nation again in 1948. A group of survivors from the holocaust settled the land of Israel and had to repeatedly fight off the combined armies of the nation's surrounding it.

There are prophecies where the Jews would make the desert wasteland green and fertile and be a blessing to the nations. Today, tiny Israel has so many farms that it is actually a major exporter of fruitsaround the world. Moreover, they export technologies teaching people all over the world how to grow using very little water and fertilizer.

Jesus said the generation seeing those things will see his return and elsewhere says a generation is 80 years. That would be the year 2028, just 5 years from now.

In Matt 24, The diciples asked Jesus when he will come set up his kingdom. he answers and tells them what sign to watch for just before his return. Let's listen to what the lord says

Matt. 24:3-5

Jesus says many will come in his name and claim to be the messiahs and deceive many. Today in Israel, jews are closely watching several people to announce they are the messiah. These are claiming to have miraculous healing powers and getting many followers.

Matt. 24:6-8

Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars. Famines and earthquakes

I'm sure you've heard of things going on around the world. The war in Ukraine has killed several lacks of people millions had to leave the country. China is also threatening taiwan. Irainian fighters seem to fire missiles at Israel almost every day. we should expect to see more wars, more destruction, more often as time goes on.

Ukraine was a major food and fertilizer exporter, as was Russia.

We expect to see higher food prices in the middle east and Africa leading to famine next year.

Natural disasters are getting more frequent and severe. Just a few months ago, half of Pakistan was flooded. My family lives in the mountain desert of New Mexico. We've been in a drought for several years and it just trained again recently. The rain caused flash floods washing away roads and bridges. The world calls it climate change but in reality, all these are the birth pangs Jesus warns us about.

Matt 24:9-10

Jesus says Many will turn away from the faith, hate and betray one another and turn you over to be persecuted. We will be hated just for being Christian. In America we are seeing laws made encouraging people to turn each other in for not agreeing with the sins they are teaching. They are calling us domestic terrorists for not wanting to buy the evil things they sell.

Matt 24:11-13

False prophets will deceive people and because of increasing sin, the love of many believers will grow cold. I'm sure you know of many supposedly Christian leaders or organizations whose sin became known. Whenever that happens, it hurts believers and many fall away from the faith or shrink back from ministry. I know many people this happened to.

In spite of all this, Jesus commands us to endure till the end.

Matt 24 14

Jesus says Once the Gospel is preached to All nations, then end will come. In the last couple hundred years, missionaries have gone around the world so virtually every country has believers in Christ. One of my jobs in the air force was launching satellites. Because of technology, I can tell you that the whole world has the Gospel preached to it 24 hours a day and anyone can learn about Jesus on their phones.

So all these things have happened or are happening right now but Jesus says they are not the end.

Matt 24:15

Jesus says the key sign that marks the beginning of the great tribulation will be when we see the abomination that causes desolation. We learn from The prophet Daniel That's when the anti Christ will put a stop to the Jewish daily sacrifices and desecrate the holy place. The only way believers can see that happen is with technology, you and I may one day see this on our phones or tv.

The Jews have not had sacrifices of any kind since their temple was destroyed 2000 years ago. However, They have been preparing to for years now and have everything ready. The priests and levites are trained, holy robes and utensils made and even a Movable altar built. Last year they even publically practiced making the sacrifices.

All they need are the ashes of a red heifer that meets Jewish religious laws to sacrifice. That will allow them to ritually consecrate everything and begin daily sacrifices.

Last year, The jews received 5 qualified red heifers from America. Next year they will be 2 years old which is the required age for sacrifice according to Jewish law.

Matt24 16-22

The temple institute in Israel has said they plan to make the sacrifice next year! If so, we need to watch what happens in Israel closely.

The days after daily sacrifices are stopped again are the great tribulation jesu warned us about.

Matt24: 23-28

In those days, we are told not to listen to anyone saying they know where he is. when he comes, everyone will be able to see him.

Matt 24:29-31

In these versus, Jesus describes how he will come for us immediately after those days, the great tribulation.

Matt 24:32-35

i think is interesting is that most people will not even realize the great tribulation is here unless they are watching for it.

Just like they should see a fig tree and tell what season it is, people should see the fulfilled prophecies concerning Israel and what's going on today and know summer is here.

We see Israel come together again as a country and all the prophecies concerning it fulfilled. Today we are all kinds of wars and rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes everywhere and more Christians being persecuted and killed than ever and people think it's normal!

Matt 24:36-44

No one knows the day and hour of his return so we must be ready, especially as we see all the signs around us. The people of Noah's day thought everything was normal too, until the door closed and the flood brought judgment on the world.

A time is soon coming when Jesus will come and get us wherever we are. Working in the field, sleeping our whatever else we are doing, and we will go with him only if we are ready.

In my family, we make plans as if the end will happen in 2028. If the timing is wrong, that's OK, we are ready and serving.

I urge you brothers and sisters, make sure your people are ready!