India Msg 5/7/23

India message 5-7-23

5/7/20233 min read

Even though my family is in the us and many of you work hours from here, we are a team. If we work together to the end, I know we can accomplish the vision God gave all of us, to see the people of karnataka saved.

One of the tasks my son and I spend time on each day is being watchmen of our times. We try to notice what is going on around the world and warn people of coming danger.

I've come to tell you brothers and sisters, now is the time to make sure you and your people are ready to meet the lord.

I praise God with you that you have a new government that is not activity persecuting you for believing in Jesus. You have a little more freedom to preach and live out your faith for another 5 years. But what if you knew this was the last 5 years? Is there anything you would do or plan to do differently?

I think, and hope, that Jesus will come back for us by 2030. That hope clarifies how we make many decisions.

In American culture, we are taught to save and invest money for the future, especially old age because families don't live together and take care of each other like you do here. It's common, even expected, for kids to move out of their parents homes when they turn 18 to make their own way in the world.

Because of our hope in Jesus coming soon, Cyndee and I don't worry about saving for a comfortable old age. We use that money to support his work.

In America, people go to college with the expectation that it will allow them to start good careers and support their families. Because of our hope that Jesus is coming soon, Caleb was able to make the decision to Sacrifice his university education for your families.

In our culture, those are considered unwise decisions, even among believers. But as we watch what is happening around the world and see the signs of his coming, we are convinced he is coming soon, at any moment. If we are wrong about the timing, that's OK, I think Jesus will still be pleased that we were willing to make those sacrifices.

Are there any decisions you would make if you thought this was your last 5 years in ministry?

Jesus says that the world will be living normally, eating, drinking, marrying just like they were in Noah's days. They didn't know their time was over until the rain started falling abs by that time, the door to the ark of salvation was closed.

Today, people are eating, drinking, marrying and living lives as if everything is normal in spite of everything.

Many of you heard me talk about the things Caleb and i see as watchmen. The wars and rumors of wars, false prophets earthquakes, inflation and famines. While the world lives normal lives, we will be experiencing great tribulations. Until Jesus comes for us.

I've heard people teaching that Jesus can come at any time but Jesus clearly says in matt 24 that The final sign to watch for is for the antichrist to stop daily sacrifices in Israel after it restarts.

There have been no sacrifices in Israel since 70ad. They need to consecrate the altar, priests and other tools with the ashes of a perfect red heifer according to Jewish law.

Last year for the first time in over 3 thousand years, Isreal got 5 qualified animals. They will be the age to sacrifice next year and the temple institute plans to do so.

Once started, the antichrist can stop them the next day or a couple years later, we don't know. But I believe we have less than 7 years once it starts. When the antichrist stops the sacrifice, we only have 2.5 years left because the last year is when he will judge the earth.

We may not know the day or hour of his return but it time is running short. Maybe 5 or 7 years. Will your churches be ready? Are there any plans that you should change to accomplish what God told you to do before the end?

When we see each other again, even if it's in the air when the trumpet blows, I hope to greet every one of you again. Then we can praise God together for what he allowed us to accomplish together as a team.