Providing Homes, Help and Hope for a fresh start in life. ​

Where it All Began

In November of 2018 Hiro and Cyndee had the opportunity to reconnect with family members who were living in Panama. During the visit, they were drawn to the people and the land. Hiro had been seeking the Lord’s’ heart. He wanted to be up and doing for the Lord, but he had difficulty deciding where and how he could best serve. Desiring to draw upon his life experience, he thought of various ideas and plans, but none of them felt right until his trip to Panama. There he met individuals whose hearts are founded in the Lord’s, People who were feeding the poor and helping where they could. Some of his previous ideas began to take shape. If the community of Volcan had loving support, the difference it would make would be amazing.  


The Need For Houses

Many villagers live in shanties. These homes are made from found material and often lack basic plumbing. Imagine for a moment if you had to haul all the water you needed in one day, what would that be like? We use water for washing, cooking, and drinking. Can you picture it? Having to walk down the hill to fill your water bottle, or worse run to the toilet!  As Hiro explored various options, such as portable composting toilets, he was informed Panama subsidizes the cost of a normal septic system, when it is part of a standard home.

Hiro realized his local family was well versed in construction. He set his mind on figuring out how to provide simple affordable homes. As he headed to the USA, he knew he wanted to come back. He had found that passion that had been missing from all his previous inspirations.

The Plan to Return  

After many emails and phone conversations, Cyndee and Hiro decided it would be best to spend more time in Panama exploring their options and discovering how best to supply the need these local people have. The mission trip will run from February 2019 to July of 2019. They expect they will be very busy determining exactly what is needed, figuring out all the logistics and setting up the infrastructure necessary for the future of the work.  A local church has graciously given permission to build the “test run” monolithic dome on their land. This is a wonderful opportunity to try out this method of construction and work out all the kinks as well as make sure it is the best method for the area. It allows people to come and see it for themselves and hopefully sign up to participate in the building of their own home.

It is our hope the future of Volcan holds a community of dome homes where people cooperate in hope and peace.

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Providing Help, Homes and Hope for a fresh start in life.