Providing Homes, Help and Hope for a fresh start in life. ​

Donating to Aba Homes

AbaHomes takes a holistic approach in providing Homes, Hope and Help for those looking for a fresh start in life.  This is accomplished by directly providing low cost housing that provides a dignified life. When giving to AbaHomes, here are the things you are supporting:

Feasibility Study Six Month Mission
In February 2019 we will be traveling to do a preparatory mission in Volcan Panama.  During this time we will be talking to the indigenous people to see how best we can serve them. Our goals are to build our first dome home, as well as perfecting our construction methods, sourcing materials locally, and getting all the permits in place so we can hit the ground running when we return. Our on-site members have extensive experience in home construction and have lived and worked in Panama for years, we are grateful to have them to help guide us in this endeavor.  

Lighthouse Church
Lighthouse Church is a nondenominational church located in Volcan, Panama. They currently provide after-school programs and meals to 120 children 3 days a week.  Abahomes would like to help them broaden the meal ministry to 5 days a week in 2019. Kids learn better when they are not hungry, and proper nutrition is a factor that directly affects learning outcomes. This will bless the community as a whole. We are excited to partner with Lighthouse Church, we see this as an opportunity to steward the resources given to our ministry in the best way possible. $30 per month would pay for a significant part of the food bill.

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Providing Help, Homes and Hope for a fresh start in life.