Providing Homes, Help and Hope for a fresh start in life. ​

Who We Are

Hiro Ababon
Hiro Ababon is an entrepreneur who desires to serve the Lord in Panama by extending a hand up and offering opportunities to those in need.

On a visit to his father in Panama, Hiro saw how the local church was committed to the community by providing meals three times a week. He started to ask questions and saw an opportunity to lend a hand.  As he dived in, he saw the village needed housing as well as vocational training. He asked himself, “Is this the mission God has been preparing me for?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” He desires to utilize Aba Homes, his mission organization, in helping those in Panama.

Hiro has worn many hats over the years. His wide-ranging career began in the military: serving in the Navy, the Marines, and the Air Force, as an electrician, a chaplain assistant, and he has even converted Minuteman II missiles into space vehicles.  Along the way, he attained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Campbell University and a Master of  Science in Management from Troy State University. His work experience contains everything from flipping houses to owning a franchise. Hiro has four years of practical ministry involvement serving Asia, as well.  With his varied life experiences, he is truly prepared to “be all things to all men.”  He recognizes both the ups and downs of the business market.  His heart is to provide help and hope for a new life in Christ.

Cyndee Ababon
Cyndee Ababon is a thoughtful mother of three who works with special needs children. She brings a caring and compassionate perspective to the ministry.

Cyndee is aware that making a difference in people’s lives may not be an effortless endeavor,  but it is always worth doing. As a teacher, she brings her seasoned classroom experience to the ministry, as well as a set of capable hands ready to work at anything from administrative duties to meal preparation. She looks forward to helping people train for the next step in their journey of life.

With her husband, Cyndee has served in ministry for four years and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from the University of Guam.

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Providing Help, Homes and Hope for a fresh start in life.